ISSUE 1.1: MARCH 2022

Lands of Opportunities

A map of payments and digital banking in Latin America.



Latin America has always been seen as a huge potential market for payments and banking.

But how big is that potential? What about the specificities in each country, which locally change the rules of the game?

In this study conducted by Dock’s Research department, we consider scenarios and insights showing why Latin America is the region of opportunities in the financial world.



A journey through

• Economic perspectives

• Consumer profile

• Electronic and physical retail

• Instant payments

• New means of payment

• Open Banking

• And more!




A whole world of opportunities in the same Latin America

Argentina | Brazil | Chile | Colombia | Mexico | Peru

We go through the highest GDPs in the region to find out what’s moving their economies forward and driving transformation in payments and banking across Latin America.





"As a Latin-American used to be in contact with people from all nations here represented, I’m sure it is a realistic, inspiring study for those who want to get to know and invest in the Latin-American means of payment and banking industry—whether they’re banks, fintechs, retailers, payment institutions or companies from any segment aiming to go the extra mile.

Welcome to our Land of Opportunity.”

Antonio Soares, CEO at Dock



9 elements driving the payment and banking industry

Financial education and offline strategies enabling financial citizenship and an extended customer base

Buy Now, Pay Later growht and its contribution to financial inclusion

Financial services provided by retailers and companies from other industries throught the embedded finance phenomenon

E-commerce expansion and increase in use of cards as means of payment

Digital anternatives to payments in e-commerce

Instant payments, which are in different implementation stages among the analyzed countries

Good conditions to do business in Mexico, Chile e Colombia

Foreign fintechs coming in to help advance the Latin-American market

The tipping point in the Peruvian market as an incentive to digital banks



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Dock is a leading company in technology for financial services in Latin America. The company provides commercial value, innovation and scale for its customers by combining card issuance, digital baking and acquiring through an end-to-end, unique platform. Modular solutions at Dock facilitate critical processes and enable companies to launch new means of payment and financial services in the market faster. The result is a wider range of innovative products, more consumer access to financial services, and improved customer experience.