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Embedded Finance

Financial services and means of payment to increase profitability and gain client loyalty.


Financial services are a growth strategy for companies in a wide variety of segments

The possibility of transforming any business into a bank is a scenario valued at more than US$ 7 trillion over the next ten years, according to estimates from Finnovista. 

It is a fact that adding financial services is an advantageous strategy for companies in every sector. In addition to creating an additional revenue stream, this is a huge opportunity to expand relationships with clients and deepen their loyalty.

It is important to understand the advantages of entering the financial universe, and what the paths to success are.

To help you answer these questions, we have created this exclusive eBook that shows how to add financial services and to make a difference in your business’ profitability!

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94% of those who offer a type of Embedded Finance say that their revenues have increased since implementation

A study conducted by corporate leaders shows that just 14% of them do not plan to invest in added financial services in the next year.

In this eBook you will be able to access this and other information about the companies that have already implemented, or are thinking about implementing, opportunities related to Embedded Finance.

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